Work Safe Testing Solutions

Cogent Medical Laboratory is proud to offer a work safe testing program that Employers can use to provide periodic and scheduled testing for both Active and Historic Infection testing of the SARS-CoV-2 viral strain.


Identifying contagious individuals may never show symptoms, so temperature checks and questionnaires may prove ineffective. Every day that a contagious employee reports to work is a day that other employees are put at risk. If keeping your workforce healthy is a priority for you, then we can help.


Having objective laboratory data to support your Organization's SOP's will position Employers to reopen and stay open. 

Program Benefits

  • Only Means to identify Asymptomatic Carriers

  • Enhances Organization legal and compliance efforts

  • Increases Employee Attendance Rates

  • Limits Outbreaks and Prevent Shutdowns

  • Reduces Overall Treatment Costs

  • Show Employees you Care

  • Demonstrates Responsibility to your Customers

Program Details

We set up everything you will need for testing at your location. ​After discussing your Organization's testing needs, we will provide a Pricing Proposal with a plan that includes:


  • Highly-trained Phlebotomist that will be onsite

  • All Specimen Draw Supplies will be provided 

  • Active Infection Testing -  Real-time PCR Molecular Testing (Nasal Swab)

  • Historic Infection Testing -  IgG Antibody Test (Serum)

  • Dedicated HIPAA Compliant online results portal

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can employers mandate testing? 

    • According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), mandatory testing is permitted while COVID-19 remains a "direct threat".

  2. How must medical records be treated?

    • Employee medical records are restricted by the ADA to certain authorized uses and personnel and must be handled with care. 

    • Laboratories are subject to all HIPAA guidelines, and will require valid authorizations to release results to employers. 

  3. How are tests ordered?

    • ​Certain States allow Direct Access Testing (DAT), and with this testing program, tests can be ordered by an Employer, and scheduled out.  ​

  4. What factors determine the cost per employee?

    • Frequency of Testing - One time only, Bi-weekly, and Weekly testing options available. Typically, you want to test for Active Infections weekly or bi-weekly, and Historic Infections (IgG Antibody) monthly. 

    • Number of Employees needing tested

    • Pre-payment for services guarantees allocation for testing volumes and provides the most discount. 

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